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JC Economics Education Centre provides weekly lectures and school holiday intensive programmes aimed at helping students improve their economics knowledge and skills. These weekly lectures are designed to complement the school curriculum and reinforce concepts that students are learning in school. Mr. Anthony Fok, who has extensive teaching experience and conducts research to ensure lessons remain relevant to what schools are teaching, carefully crafts the curriculum. It reflects the new guidelines set by the MOE & SEAB, which are constantly evolving and changing. Each weekly lecture lasts 1.5 hours, and students can expect to benefit greatly from each session. They receive learning resources, including notes and worksheets, to help them keep up with the lesson and consolidate their learning. Tough questions requiring higher-order thinking are constantly used to challenge the students, and solutions are explained step-by-step to ensure crystal-clear understanding.

In addition to weekly lectures, JC Economics Education Centre offers school holiday intensive programmes that are skill-focused and results-oriented, including case study and essay programmes. The case study programme is designed to equip students with the skills to complete a case study within the stipulated time and write impressive answers. The essay programme teaches students how to accurately analyse the essay question and its demands to ensure they do not misread the question entirely or miss out on any points. The aim is to help students develop their essay writing skills and produce high-quality essays that reflect their understanding of the subject.

JC Economics Education Centre has a team of experienced educators who provide high-quality teaching and support. The lessons are designed to be engaging and enjoyable, and students are constantly challenged to think critically and creatively. By attending the weekly lectures and intensive programmes, students can learn at a comfortable pace and consolidate their learning, have their misconceptions cleared up, develop new skills and gain a better appreciation of the subject. In conclusion, JC Economics Education Centre offers tailored and effective programmes for students who are looking to excel in their economics examinations.